Reading Partnerships

A reading partnership is a reading activity in which students are paired up with similar readers in our class to engage in meaningful discussions about literature.  The readers are given strategies to help them discuss the text.  When students begin a reading partnership, they agree to read the same text over a period of time.  The students choose a book from the "Double Copy" book bin in our classroom.  Then, the students read the book independently and meet occasionally throughout their reading of the chapter book.  The book is not read aloud together.  The students must plan their experience by using a reading partnership planning sheet.  The reading partners set a specific page number in the book to which they will read before meeting for their first real discussion of the book.  When both partners have reached the specified page number, they can meet during Reading Workshop.  The reading partners need to come to the meeting prepared with questions and connections that they have made while reading.  As the students read, they must also keep track of their thinking on sticky notes that they will place inside their books.  These notes are used during partnership meetings.  The meetings provide an important time for students to discuss literature in a meaningful and natural way.  Reading partnerships will allow students to reflect on their reading interests and strengths and make predictions about what they are reading based on evidence from the text.  Reading partnerships are a fun way to practice different reading strategies and techniques!