Challenging Your Children

As your child's third grade teacher, I will differentiate instruction so that the students have multiple options for taking in information and making sense of ideas.  I am flexible in my approach to teaching and I understand that all students do not learn the same way.  I adjust the presentation of the curriculum to meet the needs of the learners in my classroom.  I use a blend of whole-class, group, and individual instruction.  I realize the importance of challenging students so that they are able to reach their fullest potential.  I have set up a variety of classroom activities that will challenge your children and meet their needs as learners.  These activities include:


Challenge Capsules:  After the students finish their work, they have the option of doing challenge capsules.  Challenge Capsules are little capsules that you open up to find a challenge question that must be researched, or requires a higher level of thinking.


Anchor Activities:  Anchor activities are pre-planned activities that are tied to the current or past unit of study.  Students can complete Anchor Activities when they finish early.  Anchor Activities are not busy work.  They are meaningful activities that provide extension, enrichment, and practice of key concepts and skills. 


Mastery Club:  When the students finish an assignment early, they can work on the Mastery Club.  The students in the Mastery Club work hard to memorize all of their addition, subtraction, multiplication, and division facts.  The students can take a pack of flash cards and practice memorizing their facts.  It is extremely important for all students to memorize and master all of the basic facts.  This will help the students in all aspects of math. 


Higher Level Questioning:  Students will be asked interpretive verbal questions to increase their understanding of a subject area.