Get to Know More About Miss Small


Although I currently teach third grade, I was once a third grader too!  This picture above shows me getting ready for my first day of third grade!



Watch the slideshow below to see more pictures of me!!!!


Quick Facts:

My Birthday:  January 4th

My Favorite Colors:  Purple and Green

My Favorite Things to Eat:  Chicken, Pasta, Pizza

My Favorite Things to Do:  Go to the beach, read, go to the movies, listen to music on my Ipod, shop, spend time with my family and friends, and work on this website. 

Favorite Television Show:  American Idol

Favorite Vacation Spots:  Caribbean, Mexico, Las Vegas

Favorite College Football Team:  Notre Dame

Favorite Football Team:  Jets

Favorite Sports:  Soccer, Lacrosse, Snowboarding