Each Reading Workshop session will begin with a mini-lesson that lasts approximately 10-15 minutes. Each mini-lesson will focus on a reading strategy. All of the reading strategies will help prepare the students for the New York State Third Grade English Language Arts Exam.  Most strategies will be studied over the course of a week.  Check out some of the charts that we created during mini-lessons by clicking here

Reading Time

Independent Reading:  The students read independently for about 45 minutes to an hour.  During independent reading time, the students should practice the skill that they learned from the mini-lesson.

Reading Response Notebooks:  The students write letters about the books that they are reading and I write them back. 

Guided Reading:  I meet with a small group of students.  We read a book together and practice different reading strategies. 

Conferring with Students:  I meet with individual students to assess their progress.


Students use their Reader's Notebooks to:

●Record books they've read

●Keep track of the genres they are reading

●List books they would like to read in the future

●Write letters to the teacher

●Prepare for Guided Reading and Literature Circles

Learn more about the weekly ELA strategies that are taught.

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