Spelling Lists

Every Monday, your child will bring home a list of 15 spelling words.  The spelling words will be written down in your child's agenda book.  The students will also keep a copy of their spelling words in the classroom.  The spelling words will be written on an index card and placed in your child's word study pocket in the classroom.  The first ten words on you child's spelling list will follow a common spelling pattern or rule.  I will give the students the first five spelling words.  The students will then brainstorm other words that follow the same spelling pattern or rule as the first five words.   The students will choose five words from the brainstormed list and add them to their spelling list.  The last five spelling words will come from your child's Words to Learn list.  Words to learn are words that your child has misspelled in his/her writing.




Look, Say, Cover, Write, Check

Look, Say, Cover, Write, Check is a spelling activity that the students complete every week in class.  Look, Say, Cover, Write, Check helps the students remember how to spell words that they may find difficult. 

Look at the shape of the word. Can you see any patterns or groups of letters that go together? Are there any words within words?

the words carefully and slowly to yourself. Try to listen for the sounds in the words.

the word. Try to picture the word in your mind, closing your eyes might help you to do this.  Say the word to yourself again and then.....

the word down.

 to see if it is correct. If the word isn't quite right don't worry, just try again. It might take a few attempts to get it right.




Buddy Check

Buddy Check is a spelling activity that the students will complete every week.  Each student will have a spelling buddy that they will complete the buddy check assignment with every week.  The students will receive a Buddy Check Worksheet.  One student will hold the spelling word list and act as the "teacher".  The other student will write on the Buddy Check worksheet and be the student.  The "teacher" calls out the words one by one.  If the student gets the word right, he/she may put a check mark in the correct column.  If he/she gets it wrong, the "teacher" may prompt and remind the student of strategies he/she can use to figure out the word.  If he/she does not get the word correct the second time, the "teacher" tells her/him how to spell it, letter by letter. 


Weekly Spelling Activities

The students will be given spelling homework assignments Monday-Thursday.  On Monday-Wednesday the students will be able to choose which spelling activity they would like to complete.  On Thursday night, the students will have to complete a Practice Test with a parent or guardian.  All spelling assignments should be completed in your child’s spelling notebook.  The same activity can not be completed twice in one week.  The following list shows the spelling assignments that the students can choose from.  Click here to download the weekly spelling homework activities. 


Spelling Practice

You can practice your Spelling Words with SPELLING CITY!  Spelling City is an online spelling program that makes practicing for spelling tests fun!  You can play games, practice your words, or even take a practice test.  Each word will be read to you or given to you in a sentence.  Click on the link below to visit the Spelling City Website.